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Contrary to what the community seems to think, I would rather be living my life than acting it out.
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Here, here. [ It was her first virus, sob. ] It certainly was unpleasant.
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For a first meeting I suppose that wouldn't be horrible, if not for under the influence of a virus.
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Naomi. And yourself?
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It is. I guess that means you're not from Earth, then?
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... Ah, so that was what everyone was going crazy 'bout this time?
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Man, I dunno if this place is getting more creative or just more weird.
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But at least creativity can still be pretty awesome at times, right? What if they suddenly got.. I dunno, dinosaurs or dragons or something, that's badass!
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What the heck, years ago?! Couldn't they have waited 'till I was here?
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Can't be worse than stuff I've smelled already. [ hobo life.. ] I'd say bring it on, I'd wanna ride a dinosaur!
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I'll make 'em let me.
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It's just the kinda attitude ya gotta have when you wanna survive, right?
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Yeah, but that ends up in the other extreme, and that's way too much of a boring life. Ya gotta find the middle ground between surviving and entertainment!
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... Huh, really? Someone ya know?
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Then at least it's some cool person, right?
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Good! I wouldn't let anyone get away with comparing me to some lame person.
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Inn't it good to know yer livin' a life exciting enough people'd wanna make a show about it and watch it?
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